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About us

SUNFAIR was founded by Danielle Jeenes in the sweet Summer of 2015. Life on the coast is something Dani was raised to embrace. She understands the needs of her fellow Salty Souls: simple, functional, and seamlessly comfortable swimwear.

Sunfair's first prize is comfort, followed by good times and quality. Most of our designs are seamless which means there is no visible elastic on the suit and nothing digging into your skin. Our swimwear is double-lined and sits on your body like a second skin. Buttery-soft-butt-naked-feels.

Slow Swimwear:
All our swimwear is made in Wilderness, and in limited quantities, while we only use certified and ethically sourced and produced fabrics and notions. Our fabrics are certified by REACH: a European legislation that protects consumers and the environment against the use of hazardous chemicals. Our fabrics, thread and rubber elastic is also compliant with OKEO-TEX’s Standard 100 certification, which validates the safety and sustainability of textile products.

No cheap fast fashion, child labour or crappy quality here! X

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